Community Recognition Awards

D'Havian Scott '21

The Glocal Leadership Award is given to a faculty, staff, or monastic community member who regularly highlights the interconnectedness of the CSBSJU and Central Minnesota communities with the larger global community by infusing global and local perspectives in their work and presence at CSBSJU, bringing international perspectives and understandings to their work, and being actively involved in helping to bridge cultural and national divides. This year, we celebrate D’Havian Scott. D’Havian has worked for College of Saint Benedict’s Residential Life for many years as a student and professional staff member. Originally from Nassau, Bahamas---D’Havian has been outstanding leader for our campus and students she has worked with have felt supported and found a piece of home on campus. It is during that time her colleagues have seen D’Havian transform into a passionate leader, excellent communicator, and integral part of our team and the institutions’ success. D’Havian knows all her residents by name and is able to transform their community into a floor where others from other residence halls come to feel comfortable and destress from rigorous academics and stressors. D’Havian is a dynamic global and local leader and will leave behind a spark for others to ignite in her team and residents alike. Please join us in celebrating the recipient of the 2023 Glocal Leadership Award, D’Havian Scott.

Jackie Elvehjem

The “Making Space” Award recognizes a faculty, staff, or monastic community member who proactively makes sure underrepresented and first-generation voices and experiences are acknowledged and honored inside and/or outside the classroom, demonstrate their commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice with their presence and willingness to learn more about the breadth and depth of diversity present at CSBSJU and the larger Central Minnesota community, and in their advocacy efforts institutionally. This year, we are proud to recognize Jackie Elvehjem, Clinical Counselor from CSB+SJU Well-Being Center and Intercultural LEAD Steering Committee Member. Students have communicated that while attending a predominately white institution has made it hard to create connections and trust staff, Jackie has always found ways to make the Class of 2023 feel comfortable and safe. Jackie has been a supportive advocate for First Generation students, Students of Color, and Women of Color. The students who have recognized Jackie as a leader in inclusion cited her work as a clinical counselor, Intercultural LEAD Steering Committee Member, and Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring Advisory Board. To simply state, Jackie shows up. She shows up for our joy. She shows up for our trauma, but most importantly she shows up for students when they are not in the room. We are happy to present the 2023 “Making Space” Award to Jackie Elvehjem.

Jean Keller

The John Yoakam Award recognizes outstanding education and service by a faculty, staff, or monastic community member on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. Its first recipient and namesake, John Yoakam, was Associate Professor and Chair of the Social Work department and an advocate for and contributor to the Gender and Women's Studies program. This year, we are pleased to present the award to Dr. Jean Keller, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Gender Studies Department. Jean has been a powerful mentor and supporter of our LGBTQ+ students. She worked directly with the late John Yoakam to get grants to build more inclusive communities and to educate our faculty and staff on LGBTQ+ issues. She has initiated and coordinated Safe Zone training for CSB+SJU Faculty and Staff, has worked closely with Q-PLUS, PRiSM and student leaders to address their concerns. Her leadership in the Gender Studies Program has ensured that issues of sexual and gender identities are always included in courses, and she initiated Gender Studies Involvement in the ST. CLOUD PRIDE celebration at Lake George where she always helps staff and resource the program. She has been a strong ally in all her years at CSB+SJU, attending student events and always being available to support students as they grow in understanding of who they are and, in their attempts, to navigate a world where they aren't always accepted and/or validated. We are happy to present the 2023 John Yoakum Award to Dr. Jean Keller.