Cultural Affairs Board

The Cultural Affairs Board (CAB) serves as a strategic liaison between the student body, campus organizations & departments and the administration, representing issues pertinent to the cultural climate on campus.  CAB promotes cultural competency and awareness of identity by fostering a continuous campus dialogue about these issues.


  • To establish a relationship with the Intercultural & International Student Services aimed at discussing issues related to culture, and to better coordinate the cultural opportunities offered by both these entities.
  • To advocate and implement consistent cultural programming.
  • To advocate the acceptance and promotion of diversity among students, administration and faculty.
  • To foster a collaborative relationship with the Intercultural Directions Council so as to promote cultural competency among the faculty and administration of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.

 Executive Board:


  • Jaheer Jones
  • Sydney Robinson


  • Miloody Vincent

Fine Arts Specialist:

  • Nate Saunders

Public Relations Coordinators:

  • Alena Rachels
  • Tara Williams

Senate Representatives:

  • Angelliott Thomas
  • David Johnson III/Muqkadeen Poole

Campus Activities Liaison:

  • Anahi Ortiz
  • Daniel Yang
  • Megan Pinkowski
  • Regina Therchik

Student Life Liaison:

  • Alexander Modeas
  • Jordan Parker
  • Kezia Burrows
  • Selina Boateng

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