China Cross Cultural Communication Club

China Cross Cultural Communication Club (CCCCC/5C) was created on the basis that there are many Chinese students on the CSB/SJU campuses. The purpose of the club is to provide students the connection between the different cultural backgrounds with opportunities to get together as a community while having fun, and stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Students will share experiences and current informations on China through political discussions, cultural and historical presentation and build language skills by learning Mandarin through our peers. We will do so by collaborating with the Chinese Corner.

China Cross Cultural Communication Club also focuses on building connections among China and other nations and cultures by building friendships and sharing global perspectives on campus. We will cooperate with many departments, such as the Intercultural International Student Services Office, the Center for Global Education Program, the Asian Studies Department, and the Languages and Cultures Department. We will also reach out and collaborate with other clubs and organizations on campus to expose wonders and delights of the diverse Chinese cultures. 


Kalai Wong [email protected]

Zhiyuan He [email protected]

Vice President:

 Yan Kang [email protected]