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2011 - Fifth Annual

2011 Conference Details

Bethel University in St Paul hosted the fifth annual MN Study Abroal Returnee Conference on Saturday October 15, 2011 from 9am-2:45pm.

College and university students returning from a sojourn abroad attended the annual MN Study Abroad Returnee Conference. Held each fall, this conference is a partnership of more than a dozen institutions from across the state of Minnesota.  Study Abroad Professionals have designed it to fit the unique needs of recent study abroad returnees. 

Join more than one-hundred students from around the state who have spent part of their academic career abroad.  A full day of activities is planned to help bring your study abroad experience full circle.

Keynote Speaker 

Michael Edmondson Ph.D was a dynamic keynote speaker first engaging students in the morning and then offering breakout sessions in the afternoon.  Michael is the Director of Marketing and Recruitment for The Philadelphia Center, a 44 year old experiential education off-campus program.  Michael is also the author of the popular "Discover Your Value (DYV)" blog series on  He and his longtime friend, Dr. Peter Abramo, co-founded MEAPA - a global training company in 2005.  He and Peter have co-authored several publications that include The ABCs of Marketing Yourself: A Workbook for College Students and How to Use Your Liberal Arts Degree to Succeed in Today's Economy.  Michael has a BA in History from Cabrini College, a MA in History from Villanova University and a Ph.D. in History from Temple University. 



Those in attendance received guidance on crafting their study abroad story tailored to their personal career goals.  Students had the opportunity to reflected on their study abroad experience, use proper wording to apply their newly developed skills, and apply them in a meaningful way.  Attendees received a free copy of Michael and Peter's workbook: The ABC's of Marketing Yourself.

For Keynote Resources from the conference and more information please visit Michael's website:

Rotating Sessions

Students attended three different rotating sessions as a part of the conference. Some were very practical in nature, others were more reflective.  These sessions were designed to help explore specific re-entry issues more deeply.  Detailed descriptions of the rotating sessions.

Student Poster Presentation & Photo Contest

For the second year the MN Study Abroad Returnee Conference allowed all participants to share their study abroad experiences with other attendees. Some students choose to share the impact of your study abroad experience through Poster Presentation and/or Photo Competition.  Guidelines and how to register.

Conference Materials

Go Abroad Again: Teaching & Short-Term Work Materials

Go Abroad Again: Volunteer & Community Engagement
Presentation & Handout

Craft Your Study Abroad Stories for Interviewing

Digging Deeper: Stories & Identity

International Careers at Home & Abroad

Graduate School at Home & Abroad 
& Handout

ABCs of Marketing Yourself