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From 2007 to 2012, there has been a MN Study Abroad Returnee Conference that was held each fall.   This conference was a partnership of more than a dozen institutions from across the state of Minnesota. The conference was designed to fit the unique needs of recent study abroad returnees. This conference brought more than one-hundred students each year from around the state who have spent part of their academic career abroad together to explore coming home.  At this conference, students had the ability to can share your stories from abroad; discuss how to transition back to student life in Minnesota; attend sessions on international careers, volunteering locally and internationally, teaching and working abroad, telling your story using technology, or learn about graduate school options here and abroad. In 2013, the planning committee decided to no longer offer a statewide conference of this nature. 

Students and Study Abroad Professionals, please continue to use the many returnee programming resources available on this website until April 2016.

Conference Details

Beyond Amazing and Awesome: Crafting Your Passport of Skills. Find the guide used in this presentation here

Thinking about life after college? Use the guide and tools to help you craft your study abroad stories for a future employer.  The guide will help you work on how to identify the skills and qualities you developed while abroad and put them to work in the job search. Learn more about the past Presenters.

Rotating Sessions- Rescources from these sessions are found on the Right hand side of this website.

You will attend two different rotating sessions as a part of the conference. Some are very practical in nature, others are more reflective.  These sessions are designed to help explore specific re-entry issues more deeply. Detailed descriptions of the past rotating sessions.

Conference Resources:

    Beyond Amazing and Awesome: Crafting your Passport of Skills

    Go Abroad Again: Teaching and Short Term Work

    Get Engaged: Local and International Opportunities

    Digging Deeper: Stories and Identity

    Graduate School at Home and Abroad

    So How Was It? An Introduction to Digital Storytelling 

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