CSB/SJU Media Services

Provides multimedia (audio, video, computer projection) support for University functions that takes place outside the classroom. Services we provide:

  • Microphone and sound system set-up. 
  • Audio and video recording of campus events                      
  • Computer projection set-up for campus events and meetings.
  • Classroom A/V equipment cleaning
  • Off air recording 
  • CD and DVD duplication 
  • Video format conversion 
  • Audio, video, and picture digitizing 
  • Video Streaming of live or archived events. 
  • Audio/Visual Equipment repair and installation of CSB and SJU A/V equipment (SJU) 
  • CSB/SJU cable TV installation and maintenance (SJU) 
  • CSB/SJU cable TV Channel 8 operations (SJU) 
  • Channel 6 Information (SJU) 

Note: Media Services does not cover university events that take place off campus. For classroom support contact Media Services in the Alcuin Library at ext. 2117

Please submit you request for Media Services at least one week in advance, a late fee will charged if a request is made less than two days in advance.  Please

refer to billing policy for more information.

 If you have any questions, please call Media Services at ext. 2236 @ SJU; 5583 @ CSB.