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Lamination Order Form

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. All materials to be laminated must be delivered to CSB Media Services in person or via intercampus mail.



Lamination is a charged service by Media Services. The charges cover the cost of plastics used for lamination. Prices are based upon the size and quantity of the materials to be laminated.

Payment Option


The maximum width dimension of our lamination machine is 24". Anything wider than this length will not fit. However, as long as the width of the material is 24" wide or less, the length can be as long as needed.

Material 1 Details
Material 2 Details (If applicable)


Media Services will attempt to laminate all materials to best of our ability. However, due to the lamination process, not all materials may laminate correctly. By selecting the checkbox below, the requestor acknowledges that Media Services cannot guarantee the safety nor successful lamination of all materials, especially those that are fragile, heat sensitive or otherwise irreplaceable. Any documents damaged in the lamination process will not be included in the final charge.