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Back(L to R) Aaron Utke, Adam Konczewski, Ethan Wittrock

Front(L to R) Adam Bauer, Dan Sis

Our staff and facilities are located in Alcuin Library and Quad 443 at SJU; as well as Clemens Library at CSB. See below for contact information.

CSB/SJU Media Services Manager - Alcuin Library
Adam Bauer 2118
CSB/SJU Media Technical Manager – Quad 443
Dan Sis 3213
Multimedia Technician – Quad 443
Ethan Wittrock 2236
Technical Coordinator - Clemens Library
Aaron Utke 5609
Multimedia Technician - Clemens Library
Adam Konczewski 5583
CSB/SJU Library/Media Director--Alcuin Library
Kathy Parker 2119