2013-2014 Brandl Scholars

In Washington, D.C.:

Bridget Cummings, Political Science major from Chaska, MN:

"Due to the Brandl Scholarship, I will be able to spend my summer in DC working at the Department of Justice in the Office of Legislative Affairs. I am very excited about this opportunity as I am interested in both the legal field and public policy. The Office of Legislative Affairs explains and advocates the DOJ's policies to Congress. It serves as the Attorney General's focal point for dealing with Department nominations and congressional oversight. As an intern in the Office of Legislative Affairs, I will attend congressional hearings and briefings and prepare written or oral summaries. In addition, I will prepare and organize material for Department witnesses testifying before Congress.

I am not only grateful for the financial assistance that the Brandl Scholarship provides, but also the way this program emphasizes public service. Being a Brandl Scholar has helped me to realize my passion for public service. I am excited to share my experience working in DC with the CSB/SJU community."

Andrew Hovel, Economics major from McFarland, WI:

Andrew Hovel will be interning with the Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis unit of the Federal Communications Commission this summer. This office performs economic analysis to determine best practices for various pieces of communications policy including broadband subsidies, pricing, telecommunication mergers, and broadcast spectrum licensing. Andrew will be the only undergraduate intern an office mostly comprised of economists and lawyers. He hopes to learn more about communications policy, an increasingly important topic in the future of public policy. In his capacity as an intern at the FCC, he will mostly be charged with research duties to gather, analyze, and report on data and policies relevant to the Office's work.

Stephanie Pinkalla, Political Science major from Eagan, MN:

"I will be an intern at the Center for American Progress (CAP) in Washington, D.C., where I will work in their Energy and Environment office. CAP is a self-described progressive policy research and advocacy organization that works on a wide spectrum of political topics. As an intern, I will conduct research on CAP's priority environmental issues, craft memos and other research reports, and work closely with a senior fellow on a larger research project, all in the interest of calling for a progressive energy and environmental policy.

The Brandl Scholarship is financially enabling me to pursue this internship opportunity in Washington, D.C., making it feasible for me and my family, and providing me with the chance to explore potential career pursuits in the important realm of public policy. In addition to much-needed financial support, the Brandl Scholars program also provides a foundation of public service values upon which to develop my own path into public service as I take on the task of guiding policy conversations on critical environmental issues."

At the Citizens League:

Katie Spoden, Environmental Studies and Political Science double-major from Brooklyn Park, MN:

"The Brandl Scholarship has helped me to secure a position at the Citizens League in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This highly reputable membership-based public policy organization will provide me with opportunities to strengthen my critical thinking and analysis of public policy, participate in community events, and work with a diverse group of people to find solutions for the common good of Minnesota. I will specifically be focused on working towards solutions to make Minnesota's electrical system more efficient with a group of Minnesota business leaders, electric companies, environmental interests, political figures, and interested citizens."

At Large:

Rachel Mullin, History and Political Science double-major from Humboldt, SD:

"I will be spending this summer living and working in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I will be interning with a group called KULT. Kult's mission is to advocate, to build, and to strengthen organizations that provide opportunities for youth. They envision an open society in which people are trained and able to take part in all decision-making processes that impact public life. While in Bosnia, I will also be conducting field research for her political science honors thesis on the role of education in genocide. Without the Brandl Scholarship, none of this would have been possible for me. The Brandl allows me to not have to choose between spending my summer doing something to further my education and give back to society and finding a job that can help me pay for school. The Brandl allows for both. Without generous programs such as this, CSB/SJU would not be able to continue to prepare students as well as they do for life after college."

Edwin Torres, History and Political Science double-major from San Pedro, CA:

"This summer I have the opportunity to be a Legal Research Intern for the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law (CHRCL). The Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law (CHRCL) is a Los Angeles non-profit organization that focuses its work on the civil and human rights of insular minorities and vulnerable communities. CHRCL initiates and conducts impact class action litigation, provides technical support to other providers of legal services, and engages in advocacy work on selected issues impacting vulnerable low-income groups with legal injuries. I will assist with valuable research on all of the current cases. Research includes finding other pertinent cases, developing demographic information and identifying and reaching out to like-minded community stakeholders. In this position I will be working closely with and reporting one of our General Counsels. The John Brandl Scholarship is enabling me to pursue my dreams in he legal field by providing me with the funds necessary to make them happen. Without the Brandl, I would not be able to do a free internship over the course of the whole summer because my priority would be to get a job to help my parents with next year's tuition. Finally being a Brandl recipient will open doors to potential career pursuits. Having the honor in being named a John Brandl Scholar as a first year is phenomenal and I am very grateful for this opportunity to achieve my dreams."