Mentor Sign Up Form 2013

Mentor Expectations:

1. Complete the Mentor registration form.

2. Have at least one phone conversation before "Polidazzle" event.

3. Meet the mentee(s) once for informational interviews about your education and career.

4. If possible, attend the sixth annual "Polidazzle" event at the Saint Paul Hotel's "M ST. Cafe."

5. Offer three names for your mentee to follow up with other informational interviews.

6. Offer mentees a variety of other opportunities such as job shadowing, invitations to events, email exchange on class assignments, papers, etc., or other meetings over coffee, etc.

7. If possible, participate in the Spring wrap-up dinner and debriefing session.

Mentor Status:

By submitting this form, I am in agreement with all of the above mentor expectations.