Mentee Sign Up Form 2014

Mentee Expectations:

1. Complete this registration form by September 22, 2014.  

2. Have at least one phone conversation with you assigned mentor before "Polidazzle."

3. Meet with your mentor for an informational interview.

4. Exchange and discuss your resume with your mentor.

5. Attend the ninth annual "Polidazzle" event.

6. Conduct three other informational interviews with professionals recommended by your mentor or with the visiting mentors that come to campus.

7. Attend student debriefing sessions on campus.

8. Create a Linkedin Profile.

9. Be willing to participate in a student mentorship program, where upperclassmen will serve as mentors to underclassmen and help them experience success in the Mentor Program.

10. Participate in the Spring wrap-up dinner and debriefing session.

Major(s) and minor(s)

Have you been a member of the program before?
From the online mentor database, please select your top three mentors (1 being your first choice, 3 being your last choice). Due to a large number of participants know that we will do our best to give you one of your top three preferences but that there are no guarantees. However, please note that the mentor program helps you to develop professional skills despite any mentor's particular job. We have no doubts that students will develop professional awareness and skills from a variety of different individuals.
Third and Fourh Year students, would you be interested in serving as a peer mentor to a first or second year student?
First and Second Year students would you like to have an upperclassman peer mentor?

By signing this form, I am in agreement with all of the mentee expectations and can attend the required events.