Summer Research Opportunities

Mathematics at CSB/SJU

The Mathematics Department has funding for two continuing CSB/SJU students to engage in undergraduate mathematics research in cooperation with faculty here. Students interested in summer research should find a faculty sponsor in the Mathematics Department willing to work with the student. The student and faculty sponsor will choose one of the topics given below or propose another topic. The student then fills out the application and submits it with a supporting email from the sponsoring mathematics professor.

Other Summer Research Opportunities

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)  – sponsored by the National Science Foundation, these programs are located at many different colleges or universities. Room and Board and a stipend. Most (but not all) programs are designed for rising seniors and last 6 - 10 weeks. Here is a second link for REUs, too.

ASA – the American Statistical Association – The ASA posts a list of internships for those interested in statistics

CMOP – Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction – This program in Beaverton, Oregon is an internship that would allow you to work with scientists to study coastal margin science.

IPAM (RIPS) – This program at UCLA and other sites is like an REU but focuses on industrial problems. This is the only summer research program I know of that accepts international students.

Kansas – Models in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics – This is an REU at the University of Kansas for students with a biology background. “Mathematics majors with an interest in biology as well as biology majors are encouraged to apply.”

MBI (Mathematical Biosciences Institute) – MBI offers a 2 week or 6 week program that provides an overview of various topics, such as mathematical neuroscience, phylogenetics and bioinformatics. The 6 week program ends with a small research project.

MCTP at Texas A&M – This program, Mentoring through Critical Transition Points, is really three programs - one available to rising sophomores and up (a pre REU), one for rising seniors interested in graduate work in mathematics, and one for graduated students who are entering graduate school in the fall. Topics vary from year to year.

Nebraska Summer Research Program – This intensive summer research experience provides mentoring and research experiences while allowing scholars to preview graduate school life.

NIMBioS (National Institute for Biological and Mathematical Synthesis) – NIMBios runs an REU and an annual undergraduate research conference.

Pathways to Science – A website that contains links to REUs and other summer research opportunities.

Summer Institute in Biostatistics (SIBS) and Data Science – The Summer Institute in Biostatistics (SIBS) and Data Science is sponsored jointly by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

SURF – SURF offers projects in biomedical research, including biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, etc. 

TECBio – TECBio offers projects in computational biology at the University of Pittsburgh.

VERUM – The Valparaiso Experience in Research by Undergraduate Mathematicians is designed to give students their first research experience. It is designed for rising sophomores and juniors.

Other Opportunities for Undergraduates

Breakthrough Summer Teaching Internship – A summer teaching internship at Mounds Park Academy in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics – Study abroad for one or two semesters in Budapest. Take math courses AND Hungarian (if you like). All courses are taught in English.

Budapest Summer Program – Study abroad for the summer in Budapest. Take math courses to prepare for graduate school. All courses are taught in English.

Park City Mathematics Institute – A seven week program focusing on one topic, which changes every year.

Summer Program for Women in Mathematics at Carleton College – Intended for rising sophomore and junior women mathematics majors. You get paid to take two courses in four weeks.

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