Course Transfer Policy

Transferring courses from other institutions

The final authority for approval of a transfer course lies with the Office of the Registrar. Work taken to complete common curriculum requirements requires prior consultation with and approval of the Registrar’s Office. Work taken to complete major requirements requires prior consultation and approval of the department chair.

However, that decision is generally made in consultation with the appropriate department or program.

In order to decide whether or not to recommend that a course be accepted for transfer from another institution as equivalent to a CSB/SJU mathematics course, the department uses the following considerations:

  • Does the transfer course have the same or similar prerequisites as the CSB/SJU course?
  • Has the student met those prerequisites?
  • Does the transfer course have the same or similar content as the CSB/SJU course?
  • Does the transfer course use a textbook which is at the same level as the CSB/SJU course?
  • If the transfer course is intended to meet the common curriculum requirement, does it meet the common curriculum learning goals for mathematics, which are listed below:
  1. Students will apply mathematical techniques to solve problems in a specific area of mathematics.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the mathematical principles which underlie the techniques they use.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of mathematical concepts in a specific area of mathematics.
  4. Students will model problems from other disciplines or everyday life by applying mathematical techniques.
Online and distance learning courses

Because the department strongly believes that classroom discussion and direct interaction among faculty and students is the best context for achieving these learning goals, we discourage on-line courses. However we also understand that sometimes that is the only feasible option. In those cases, however, we will not recommend acceptance of the course unless all required examinations and quizzes are taken off-line and are proctored.


If you wish to transfer a mathematics course from another institution to CSB/SJU, please:

  1. Contact the Mathematics Department Chair well in advance of registering for the course
  2. Be prepared to provide the chair with the following information about this course: institution, course description, text to be used and chapters covered in that text.

Note that some courses have already been approved for transfer as Math 124. They are listed below. 

Course No.

Alexandria Technical and CC

MATH 1445

Anoka Ramsey CC

MATH 1110 or 1114

Century CC

MATH 2025

Hibbing Community College

MATH 2010

Inver Hills CC

MATH 1103

Minneapolis CC

MATH 1150

Minnesota State, Fergus Falls

MATH 1213

Normandale CC

MATH 2400

North Hennepin CC

MATH 1130 or 2010

Northland CC

MATH 2203

Saint Cloud State

STAT 239, 242, or 353

Saint Cloud Technical and Community College

MATH 1351

University of Minnesota

STAT 3911 or 3021

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Bret Benesh
Chair, Mathematics Department
CSB Main 207

[email protected]