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As noted in our mission statement, we are strongly committed to providing students with a solid and broad-based mathematical foundation that helps prepare them for a variety of careers as well as graduate study in mathematics and the mathematical sciences.

NSF Research Fellowship
Actuarial Studies

A good number of our students pursue a career as an Actuary, a person who calculates risk for insurance companies. Our students have reported that a major in Mathematics from CSB/SJU has prepared them more for a career as an actuary than their colleagues with an Actuarial degree. For further information contact Phil Byrne or Kris Nairn.

Student Employment Opportunities

Students with an aptitude for mathematics have the option to work for the department as a course assistant, teaching assistant and work in the Math Center. This opportunity not only help students prepare for teaching mathematics in the secondary and college level, but also they get paid! For more information contact Phil Byrne.

Summer Experiences

Every summer the math department sponsors students to do summer research with an advisor. CSB/SJU also has a strong tradition of students participating in Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) around the country. For further information contact Tom Sibley and visit our page on summer research experiences.

Mathematical Competitions

Each year students from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University participate in two mathematical competitions. Each November students may participate in the NCS/MAA team competition. This contest consists of ten problems, which are graded with a value of ten points per problem. The problems typically range in difficulty from fairly easy to extremely difficult. Students work in groups of three and submit their work as a team.

Every February students may participate in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling or MCM. The MCM is a contest where teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to present their solutions to real world problems. Students in teams of three work on one problem over an entire weekend. Not only is their work graded on mathematical correctness, but also on clarity and ease of understanding. For additional information see the COMAP website.

Career Paths

Math Center

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Father Magnus Wenninger’s Polyhedra

An American mathematician who constructed polyhedron models, and wrote books about them.

Preparing for Internships, Jobs or Grad School

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