Joe Lampe

Meet Joe Lampe
Osceola, Iowa
Mathematics major

Why did you choose to attend CSB/SJU?

I chose to attend CSB/SJU for a number of reasons. Not only am I able to be involved in numerous activities, but I also live in an accepting and tight-knit community.

Why do you think CSB/SJU have a strong math department?

In my opinion, we have a strong math department because of the professors. The professors I've  worked with are personable and will go out of their way to help any student.

As a freshman, I took my first 300-level class my second semester. This class took a lot of adjustment; math classes are never a walk in the park by any means. I had a lot of questions, which I took directly to my professor Dr. Galovich. She welcomed me countless times and was  glad to help with any and every issue I had.

Do you have time to get involved outside of your math classes?

I am involved in baseball, jazz ensemble, wind ensemble, brass choir, math society, and a  barbershop quartet. My involvement helped me meet great people and lifelong friends.

Are math majors able to study abroad at CSB/SJU?

A couple summers ago I spent 5 weeks in Spain. I stayed in Valladolid with a fellow Johnnie  baseball player in a host family setting. While in Spain, I not only learned Spanish and the  Spanish culture, I also saw 400-year-old castles, towering cathedrals, and the Mediterranean Sea.

In my room at home, I have a framed picture of the "Doors of St. John's". While in Spain I took  many pictures, but my favorite is of a door in the small town of Coca. This door faced an old,  retired bull ring. This door was barred with two wooden posts that were as wide as ship masts to keep runaway bulls from entering houses and buildings. This picture added a different color to  the existing collage, a unique contribution.