Frequently Asked Questions

There are the obvious career paths such as an actuary, math teacher, or business statistician, and then there are a host of less obvious fields like sales and marketing, medical research, and law. Here is a short article that describes why employers love math majors.

Our graduates get all sorts of jobs. All sorts of financial and insurance companies are interested in our majors. Some of these students work as actuaries, but many do not. Our students graduate with a liberal arts degree, and thus can work most anywhere that any CSB/SJU graduate would work, and our majors are exceptionally prepare for work involving data, computers, and critical thinking.

Companies and positions where our recent graduates have gotten jobs:

Many of our graduates volunteer (e.g. Peace Corps or St. John’s Benedictine Volunteer Corp) or teach at a K-12 school, and others go on to graduate school.

Graduate schools our recent graduates attended:

Proficiency in mathematics and placement in mathematics courses will depend on your performance in your high school mathematics courses and MATH ACT entrance test scores. Read more about the mathematics major and minor requirements.

Please see the Mathematics Proficiency Requirement section of the website.