Mathematics Major and Minor Requirements


Concentration in Mathematics (40 credits for students entering Fall 2020 and later; 40--42 credits for other students)
Required Courses:
119, 120, 239, 241 or 304, 331, 343 plus 16 addition upper-division credits in mathematics.  Students who entered Spring 2020 or before also must take Math 395 (2 credits) or have a similar capstone experience.

Students minoring in Secondary Education should take Math 333 and 345.  See the Education Department for more details.

Four Year Plan

Here is a four-year plan for a typical Mathematics major.  Note, though, that the Mathematics major is extremely flexible, so there are many variations available.

First Year:  Math 119 and Math 120
Second Year:  Math 239 and Math 241 or 304
Third Year:  Study Abroad, two Math electives at the 300 level
Fourth Year:  Math 331, Math 343, and two Math electives at the 300 level  (Students who entered Spring 2020 or before also take Math 395 (2 credits)).

Additionally, the Department of Mathematics offers a major in numerical computation jointly with the Computer Science Department. 

Prospective majors should have familiarity with computer programming before taking upper-division mathematics courses. Students preparing for graduate school in mathematics should include 332 and 344 or 348.

The Mathematics Major and the Integrations Curriculum

The following courses in the Mathematics major fulfill requirements in the Integrations Curriculum.

  • Math 119 (required):  Abstract Structures, Movement Thematic Encounter
  • Math 120 (required): Abstract Structures, Movement Thematic Encounter
  • Math 239 (required): Abstract Structures
  • Math 241 or 304 (required): Abstract Structures, Truth Thematic Encounter
  • Math 337 (elective):  Abstract Structures, Movement Thematic Encounter at the 300-level

Special Requirements:
Students anticipating a major in mathematics and/or the natural sciences ordinarily begin their study of mathematics with 119. However, a student needing further preparation before beginning calculus (Math 119) should enroll in 115. Students interested in advanced placement should contact the department chair.

Admission to the major requires a grade of C or higher in MATH 119 and 120, and a grade of C or higher in  MATH 239, 241 or 304.
Before admission to the major (ordinarily in the sophomore year), prospective majors must consult with their advisors in the mathematics department to plan their mathematics courses. Students should choose their courses and non-curricular activities with regard to their goals for careers and graduate school. Students should be aware of which semesters upper-division mathematics courses will be offered.

Senior majors are usually required to take a comprehensive exam in mathematics (the Major Field Test).

Minor (24 credits)

Required Courses:
119, 120, 239; plus either 12 additional upper-division credits in mathematics, 241 or 304, plus 8 additional upper-division credits in mathematics.