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Why Choose Saint John’s?

Where all God’s people are invited to seek truth, pursue wisdom, and serve others!

Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary is one of the most respected graduate theological programs in the country. We offer a space for you to grow and gain knowledge from world-renowned theologians and pursue a degree that will help you carry out God’s will.

Not only will you earn your graduate degree in theology, but you’ll also learn to become a compassionate leader. You won’t undertake this journey alone; instead, you’ll have an inspiring and supportive community at every step.

of Benedictine tradition for our students to learn from and explore
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Countries impacted, from major global cities to the far corners of God’s creation
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Earn a Master’s Degree in Theology

Saint John’s is Rooted in Benedictine Tradition

Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary prepares you professionally and intellectually to make an impact on the world. Whether it’s through ministry, teaching, or scholarship, you will be prepared to serve the needs of others.

You can expand your knowledge and contemplate your place in God’s inspiring creation on our beautiful campus in Collegeville. Students can explore Saint John’s Abbey or browse one of the largest collections of theological literature at the Alcuin Library. When you need time to reflect and appreciate our remarkable world, you can also explore the breathtaking 2,700 acres of land at Saint John’s Arboretum.

Instruction from Renowned Theologians

Graduate students in our programs get to study under some of the foremost theologians. The instruction you’ll gain from these experts will enable you to pursue careers in pastoral ministry, teaching, doctoral studies, chaplaincy, liturgical music, and more.

Earn Your Degree at Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary

Master of Theological Studies • Master of Divinity • Master of Arts in Ministry • Master of Arts in Theology • Master of Arts in Liturgical Music • Master of Theology


Gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding

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