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The CSB and SJU logo is the most visible representation of our brand. All materials that utilize any of the institutional logos below must be compliant with the brand guidelines.

Primary Institutional Logos

Follow these linked logos to download a copy.

CSB and SJU vertical logo

CSB vertical logo

SJU vertical logo

CSB and SJU horizontal logo

CSB horizontal logo

SJU horizontal logo

Other versions of the logo — particularly for embroidery and specialty print needs — are available upon request. Please email [email protected] if the available versions do not fit your specific needs.

Secondary Departmental and Center Logos

CSB and SJU departments and centers may use a secondary logo that incorporates the crest symbol, official fonts, colors and a specific configuration in keeping with CSB and SJU visual identity standards. Departments and centers should not attempt to create their own version of the secondary departmental logo or alter the logo in any way. The Office of Marketing and Communications will create a secondary logo for your department or center upon request.


OMC logo horizontal

OMC logo vert

Special Cases

CSB and SJU departments and centers may use time or event-specific logos for special occasions such as annual events and anniversaries. These logos can augment — but never replace — your department logo. The Office of Marketing and Communications will partner with you to create this logo and ensure all brand standards are met. Do not create your own logo.

Athletics Logos

If you need the SJU athletics logo, please email [email protected].

If you need the CSB athletics logo, please email .

Student Club and Organization Logos

For student groups that would like a logo expressing their connection to the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, student clubs and organizations in good standing can receive a set of official CSB and SJU shield logos that feature the club or organization name.

Clubs need to be current on the annual requirements outlined by Student Activities to qualify for an official logo.

To comply with university brand standards and clearly identify each club or organization as a student-based entity within CSB and SJU, the following logo format is available:

example of logo

Note: Student clubs and organizations are not required to use the official CSB and SJU shield logo and can create their own. These logos must be completely distinct from university logos and cannot be based in any way on existing CSB and SJU trademarks, including use of the shield.

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