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March 14, 2017

Morgan McCormack '17 as seen in CSB/SJU magazine

“Take advantage of the (Saint John’s Abbey) Arboretum and all the trails. Don’t be afraid to go climb a tree of go off trail. Find all seven lakes in the arboretum, because we do have seven. Don’t be afraid to get lost.” – Senior Pearce Jensen on outdoor adventure

Students CanoeingLast October, 40 students – including senior Pearce Jensen – took this advice to heart when they participated in the Outdoor Leadership Center’s 15th annual Outdoor Leadership Adventure Challenge.

And, no one got lost along the way.

The Outdoor Leadership Adventure Challenge includes both outdoor and indoor adventures. The four-person teams climbed the rock wall at Warner Palaestra, carved a pumpkin, ran to the Lake Sagatagan beach and canoed across to Stella Maris Chapel where they answered a riddle about the campus. They then canoed back across the lake, ran to Watab Island, set up a tent and broke it down again. All the while, they had to carry their carved pumpkin.

“I participated in the challenge my sophomore year and had a super-great time doing it. Now it’s my senior year and I had to take advantage of the awesome opportunity to get outside while it was still warm enough for it,” Jensen says.

“My favorite part was the canoeing,” says first-year student Denisha Demeritte. “Simply because that was my first time ever canoeing in a lake. I’m from the Bahamas, so we don’t really have lakes and we don’t really canoe.”

It’s your adventure

Our Outdoor Leadership Center provides countless opportunities to explore:

•  Bonfires in the arboretum

•  Challenge courses

•  Collegebound Outdoor Orientation Program

•  Fruit at the Finish Triathlon

•  Indoor climbing wall

•  Langlauf Ski Race

•  Moonlit snowshoe walk

•  Polar Bear Plunge

•  Sledding hill

•  Wilderness trips

•  45+ types of outdoor recreational equipment available to use