CSB/SJU Spring 2017

Extending the Link

Under-told social justice issues are just that—under-told. However, one group of CSB/SJU students aims to explore these issues abroad and bring awareness back to campus through documentary film.

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Pre-Med plus poetry

The chipmunk outside her window had worked for so long to dig up that acorn, only to abandon it after a few bites. It seemed such a natural metaphor to the elderly patient, and CSB senior Josie Nistler sat quietly as she explained it. When she had finished, Josie shared a poem of her own as the two sat across from each other in the otherwise empty craft room of an assisted-living facility.

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The dream awakens

Keith Sweet interned with Bad Robot Productions in Santa Monica, California. Sweet spent two summers at Bad Robot, handling a number of daily tasks including cleaning, distributing mail, and working as a production assistant. His favorite part of the experience was working on “The Force Awakens” film set in 2015.

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Explore the outdoors

Last October, 40 students participated in the Outdoor Leadership Center’s 15th annual Outdoor Leadership Adventure Challenge—and no one got lost along the way.

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A learning environment

The classroom environment at CSB/SJU is great—but that’s not really the environment the environmental studies (ES) department at CSB/SJU cares to study. It’s a big world, and our students are out connecting with it.

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Big things await

Being a Bennie or Johnnie doesn’t end at graduation. In fact, it’s only the beginning. Our alums take the lessons they’ve learned around the world and succeed in fields they may have never even heard of before coming to campus.

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