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Uniform Expectations

Two hits in high school knocked Kaitlyn Miller '18 down. But she's out to prove she'll always get back up. With her diminished play, college hockey coaches weren't actively recruiting Kaitlyn during her senior year and any dreams she may have had of a Division I scholarship had fallen away. But CSB head hockey coach Jen Kranz was one coach who did come looking.

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Triple Crown — Truman, Fulbright, Rhodes

During her interview to determine if she would earn a 2016 Rhodes Scholarship, Rachel Mullin — a 2014 CSB graduate — was “intimidated” to findout that Michael McFaul, the former U.S. ambassador to Russia and a Rhodes Scholar, was on the panel. Worse, he was asking her questions. Really hard questions.

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Shaping Things to Come

As Molly Flaig’s senior year began, she searched the CANE database in the Career Resources Center and discovered Nancy Torrison '82, the executive director of A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation.  An internship with the organization followed soon after. Now, Molly has a full-time position as the Development and Marketing Coordinator for the organization.

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That’s When I Knew

As a residential, Benedictine, liberal arts college, Saint Ben’s offers profound developmental experiences. Being a college exclusively devoted to the transformation of women is something special.

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Why A Women’s College Matters

The fact that Saint Ben's is a college for women is not the deciding factor in the minds of most incoming students these days. But that does not mean it won't be one of the most transformational aspects of their years here. Here are six important reasons why a women's college matters today.

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