Photography Use Policy

General Policy

Photographs are perceived as accurate recordings of people and events. Manipulating photos that alter or misrepresent the reality of an image is prohibited.

Photo Guidelines

  • Enhancing the technical quality of a photograph is acceptable, but changing the meaning is not.
  • Alteration of a photograph that misleads, confuses, or otherwise misrepresents its accuracy is prohibited.
  • A photo's content--the positions and appearance of people and objects--must never be changed or manipulated. Manipulation is defined as adding to, subtracting from, or otherwise adjusting a photograph in such a way as to significantly change the nature of the image.
  • Minor editing--including color correction, cropping and subtle retouching is acceptable.
Specific Guidelines for Acceptable and Unacceptable Use of Photographs


  • Electronic equivalents of established practices for traditional darkroom printing methods (dodging, burning, toning) providing the content and meaning are not changed.
  • Color: Color and tonal correction, and technical tour-up of images for the purpose of color balance (removal of flaws--dust spots, scratches, digital noise, artifacts, etc). This does not include changing hair color, eye color, etc. Conversion of a color image to black and white is acceptable.
  • Cropping is acceptable providing it does not change the perception of the photo. 

Not Acceptable:

  • Electronic alteration of any kind (moving, adding, deleting, combining, stretching, flipping, shrinking, distorting, etc.)
  • Adding or deleting wording, artwork, or logs to objects in photos (changing wording on posters in photos, adding CSB or SJU logo to clothing in photos, etc.)
Release of Photos to Third Parties

When a third party requests photos that will specifically be used for a purpose other than promoting CSB/SJU apart from a third entity, or requests photos be used in conjunction with another entity, our photo policy is:

  • Due to the legal complexities related to copyright issues, assumed association relationships, individual photo release agreements, third party endorsements and promotions, etc., we typically do not release photos with students included.

When a question arises about appropriate photography use, please consult the Office of Marketing and Communications.