Courtney Sullivan: Assistant Director, Client Services

Whatever Courtney Sullivan is doing, she's all in.

Most of the time that's a good thing. It makes her a diligent and thorough project manager. It makes her a proud and passionate advocate of CSB/SJU and a true believer in the missions of these great schools. In short, it makes her exactly the person you want co-piloting your project to completion.

Other times, maybe it's not so good. It sometimes causes her undue angst over the deaths of fictional characters. (Everyone else has gotten over Fred Weasley, right?) It's been known to result in excessive trash talk regarding her fantasy football and NCAA March Madness bracket dominance. And need we dredge up the time she suffered a concussion while enthusiastically spectating her Indianapolis Colts?

Courtney is a 2009 graduate of Indiana University - an experience that brought her a degree in English and an undying love of Hoosier basketball. She and her husband, Joe, invest significant time into love and attention for their Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, Rosie. Beyond that, when Courtney's not in the office, she alternates between hypercompetitive activity and couch-dominating lethargy. But either way, she's all in.