Greg Skoog: Director, Brand Communications

In the spring of 1989, Greg Skoog marched confidently out the pine-shrouded doors of Saint John's University and, armed with a B.A. in government, managed to stumble into an ad agency job in Idaho. (Thanks, liberal arts!) Since then, through a series of agencies, corporate creative services departments, titles and job descriptions, the one constant in his career has been writing.

He and his wife have a lovely, blended family of six kids. Don't worry though, the kids keep growing up and moving out, so it's not nearly as chaotic as it sounds. (They try to compensate for the encroaching quiet by adding dogs. It seems to be working so far.) In his spare time, Greg enjoys putting miles on his bike, grilling tasty meats and enjoying beers that have been senselessly overhopped.

If asked what the best part of his job is, Greg would probably reply, "The instantaneous switch from apprehension to contentment that comes when you finish hacking away at a draft, blow away the dust, read through it, and decide, 'Yep. That's done.' "  

Here in the Office of Marketing & Communications, he does his best to polish up the awesome in the people, events and opportunities in this community. There is fascination, action and raw emotion everywhere at CSB and SJU. Greg does what he can to pull it out and show it off.