Heidi Ruprecht: Web Designer

Heidi Ruprecht began her career in an old warehouse building in Minneapolis, where she worked as a keyliner. Since a keyliner's work involves frequent contact with hot wax and Xacto knives, Heidi was grateful that the old warehouse building in Minneapolis was conveniently located next door to the Hennepin County Medical Center.

As the use of computers became more common in graphic design, Heidi was able to move away from the sharp objects and begin sharpening her design skills. Logo design and print work eventually led to web graphic preparation and finally web design and layout.  

In her work for the Office of Marketing & Communications, Heidi's responsibilities include working with the content management system for csbsju.edu. She works with HTML and CSS and also uses various Adobe tools. She keeps an eye on the broken-link stats and fixes errors as needed. She also prepares images or other special graphics and occasionally helps prepare mass emails.