Tommy O'Laughlin '13: Photographer

Sometimes struggle against personal limitations can be the stone that polishes our hidden skills. Other times it can be the blaring siren that reminds us to “leave it to the pros.” Fortunately for Tommy O’Laughlin (and for CSB/SJU), he has the sense to know which is which. 

For example, when Tommy first came to study at Saint John’s, he was a shy, quiet introvert. The idea of meeting new people on a daily basis certainly didn’t sound appealing. But his love of photography, the welcoming CSB/SJU atmosphere and the wonderful people of this community helped draw him out. And today, he’s the warm, engaging personality behind the camera that helps bring out so many smiles. 

On the other hand, Tommy’s love of exploring and sampling craft beer once led him to try home brewing. After working, watching and waiting much, much longer than he would have liked — all for less-than-delicious results — Tommy came to the crystal-clear realization that brewing is something that should be left to the brewers. 

As staff photographer, Tommy has the privilege of leading a team of student photographers as they meet the photography needs of clients across both campuses. In addition to shooting great photos, that role includes building our digital archives, brainstorming magazine layouts, researching systems and keeping up-to-date with the latest photography trends. Need to tell your department or organization’s story visually? Leave that one to the pros.