Bridget Nordlund '08: Director, Client Services

To say that CSB and SJU are in Bridget Nordlund’s blood would be corny. So we won’t say that. But maybe it’s in her DNA? It’s got to be somewhere — she’s a fourth-generation legacy and the 35th member of her family to study here. Technically, it’s not inaccurate to say she bleeds red. 

Bridget graduated from Saint Ben’s in 2008 and went on to earn her master’s degree from Gonzaga University. She spent some time in the global sourcing division at Target Corporation in downtown Minneapolis, but by 2011 she had come home to her roots at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s. She worked in the Admission department until joining the Office of Marketing and Communication in 2016 as the Director of Client Services. 

With the Client Services team, Bridget is your point of contact, helping to navigate your project from desperate need to delirious conclusion. On a daily basis, Client Services handles projects from email campaigns, posters and brochures to complete long-term marketing plans. Need a timeline to help keep a project on track? We’ve got you covered. Need a social media graphic for an upcoming speaker? We do that too. Need an institutionally approved PowerPoint template for your presentation? Happy to help.