Tammy Moore: Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

When people and projects come together with focus and creativity, and suddenly a great idea grows into something better than anyone anticipated, some people would call that synergy. Tammy Moore calls it magic. And it’s a trick she’s been doggedly chasing for years. 

Tammy began her career at the front desk of a small marketing agency. She loved the creativity. She loved the energy. She even loved the crazy deadlines. But mostly she loved the magic. “The best solutions aren’t born alone,” she says, “but rather with input and perspective from others. That’s when the magic happens.” 

That front desk job became a copywriting job, which evolved (over 2+ decades) into a variety of media relations, public relations, web marketing and creative team leadership positions. She even managed to earn an MBA with a marketing emphasis along the way. The common thread has always been creative problem solving — always asking “What if?” and “Why not?” 

Of course, when a person packs that much collaboration into one professional life, it’s going to have consequences. So if you were to tag along with Tammy at the end of the day, you’d probably catch a glimpse of her competitive side taking over on the volleyball court, or on her bike or taking off for a run – assuming you could keep up.