Julie Marthaler: Officer Coordinator

Julie is the built-in institutional memory of the Office of Marketing & Communications (OMC). If it happened here in the last three decades, there’s a good chance Julie can tell you the places, people and circumstances that made it happen. Her gift for recall paints us pictures that are as helpful for honoring the past as they are for building the future.

Her role in OMC has evolved over time, serving office needs, planning budgets, organizing and scheduling photography, as well as putting her attention to detail to good use in proofreading. She is the friendly and welcoming face of the department.

We talk a lot about Benedictine values – specifically hospitality – at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s. Julie personifies that. She takes great care in building relationships and understanding individual needs because, as the Rule says, “all guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ.”

One place her hospitality shows up in full force is with the steady stream of student workers that round out our team. She offers them a role model, an attentive ear and a friendship that lives on long after graduation for many.