Michael Hemmesch: Exec. Dir., Public Relations

Holding doors open for people is one of the little things you'll start to notice if you spend any time at CSB and SJU. It's not like it's a rule. It just seems to happen more here. Most just chalk it up to the Benedictine sense of hospitality that colors the community.

Michael Hemmesch gets to take that campus culture a step further. As executive director of public relations, his job is opening the door and inviting the world into our collective CSB/SJU living room.

"Telling stories about the accomplishments of our students and employees," he says. "That's the best part of my job." Beyond that, Michael gets to oversee the public relations efforts of our department and collaborate with various people at CSB and SJU to build awareness and a positive image of the institutions.  

Michael worked in marketing and communications here at Saint Ben's and Saint John's as a student, and he's been with us ever since. (That's rapidly approaching two decades.) In the meantime, he's gone on to earn a master's degree from the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Maybe that's what we mean when we say a CSB/SJU education opens doors?

Michael has three great children and a wonderful wife, Michelle. And if he ever needs to tell her anything, it's all good since her office is just a couple doors down the hall.