Barbara Hein: Director, Electronic Communications

As a broadcast journalist, Barbara Hein's career highlight was co-hosting a summer parade with long-time WCCO-TV anchor and Twin Cities icon Dave Moore. While Moore was charming, the fact that her broadcast journalism career highlight was co-hosting a parade led her to the realization that her future probably wasn't in broadcast journalism.

She moved on to corporate segment- and product-management, marketing/communications and, eventually, the digital side of higher ed marketing.

Barbara has a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and a Master's Degree in Management and Communication.  

Barbara works with the team that is responsible for electronic communication efforts here at CSB and SJU. She and her team oversee the design and content of the CSB/SJU website, our social media channels, broadcast emails, online advertising and more. Beyond that they do their best to predict the future and foresee the new tools and applications that will help market CSB/SJU tomorrow. (Admittedly, if they were really good at the predicting the future part, they'd have won the lottery and moved on long ago. But they do their best at that part and they're great at the rest!)

Barbara and her husband Tom are the parents of two adult children and one very spoiled dog, who is pretty much their third child.