Tiffany Clements: Social Media Specialist

If Tiffany Clements can maintain the same pace she clocked for her first marathon in 2015 for 35 years, she'll qualify for the Boston Marathon before her 75th  birthday.

Tiffany is an adult-onset athlete who can't recall completing a single mile during any of the obligatory President's Physical Fitness Challenges at Cold Spring Elementary. She took up running in her 20s to offset the effects of another of her pastimes, cooking. Her dutiful kitchen companion, Hank (a scrappy, 25-pound rescue who never got the memo about being a small dog) is always willing to snatch up the parts of dinner she "drops" from her cutting board or plate.  

A hometown girl at heart, she's lived and worked on both coasts, bouncing from journalism school at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities to a newsroom in Alaska to a non-profit in Washington, D.C. It was at the latter that she realized people would pay her to spend all day on Facebook. She's held onto this knowledge like the wonderful treasure it is ever since.  

As CSB/SJU's first social media specialist, Tiffany is fond of telling people she tweets for a living. While this is objectively true, there's a little more to it than that. Tiffany helps CSB/SJU bring its vibrant community to life virtually. She also helps members of the CSB/SJU community connect to the resources they need to do that community building themselves.