General Policy

CSB/SJU recognizes the value and potential of creating files of electronic information on the Internet. The college administration, departments, organizations, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to publish information consistent with the mission and policies of CSB/SJU.

Information placed on the CSB/SJU website plays an important role in developing and maintaining the strong reputation and image of the colleges. The website is an open public document available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Those who place information on the site must realize the responsibilities inherent in this form of electronic publishing.

Content of all electronic pages must comply with local, state and federal laws including, but not limited to, copyright, libel and indecency statutes. Publishers must have written permission of the author or creator to publish any information, graphics or photographs on an electronic page.

Content of all electronic pages must reflect the mission, interest and standards of the CSB/SJU community; may not contain any legally, ethically or morally questionable material in the judgment of the institutions; and should be worthy of a college publication. Creators of electronic pages must comply with all other college policies.

Material of a blatantly sexual nature that a reasonable person would regard as intending to incite lewd or lascivious feelings is both inimical to the missions of the colleges and constitutes prima facia evidence of sexual harassment when posted for purposes other than pedagogical. Material of this nature will not be allowed on the CSB/SJU website.

CSB/SJU reserves the right to limit or restrict commercial material on the website.

First level links to Internet resources outside the CSB/SJU server will be considered part of the CSB/SJU website and must comply with all policies and guidelines.

Violation of website policies will result in immediate revocation of CSB/SJU web publishing privileges, and possible further disciplinary action. All college disciplinary policies and penalties also apply to violations of website policies.