Brand Guide: Logos

The CSB/SJU logo is the visual identity of our brand and is comprised of the crest symbol and one or both of our logotypes.

Crest Symbol

Grounded in the rigorous intellectual, spiritual and ethical heritage of the Catholic Benedictine tradition, the college and the university have chosen a bold visual state­ment of our common values and aspirations — a crest symbol.

We chose a crest, common to both our college seals, and placed on it the salient symbol of our Catholic intellectual and theological heritage — a cross. It represents the strong spiritual, ethical and intellectual foundation for the education we provide, one that encourages reflection, prayer, critical thinking and understanding.


The logotype is the letterform portion of the logo. The typefaces chosen to ac­company the crest were carefully selected to complement both the curves of the shield and the bold lines of the cross.

Logo Family

Each logo representing CSB/SJU and CSB and SJU separately is a piece of artwork; the lettering, spacing, color and positioning of the logo elements have been care­fully and artfully crafted.

When using a logo in a layout or document, be sure to size and place it without altering, breaking or distorting it.

Follow the guidelines to choose the appropriate logo for your application.

Follow these linked logos to download a copy.

CSB/SJU vertical logo

CSB vertical logo

SJU vertical logo

CSB/SJU horizontal logo

CSB horizontal logo

SJU horizontal logo