Brand Guide: Brand Portfolio

Our brand portfolio includes the key components and resources that are used to explain, communicate and help us live our brand.

Brand Promise

A promise that we make to our internal stakeholders and external customers. Our brand exists only in the minds of people. For our brand to be successful it must be perceived by our most important external audiences as the only solution to a problem they have. Internal audiences must perceive our brand promise as worthy of their commitment. All audiences must perceive our brand to be important, believable and unique. The brand promise is used internally only to provide direction to strategy and execution of com­munications. The brand promise is not to be used as a campaign theme or tagline.

CSB/SJU Brand Promise

A premier Catholic undergraduate liberal arts experience

Brand Rationale

An explanation of our brand promise.

CSB/SJU Brand Rationale


  • High-achieving student body
  • National reputation
  • Distinctive academic programs
  • High student and alumni satisfaction
  • Successful graduates


  • Baccalaureate focus
  • Traditional college-age population
  • Full-time students who complete on time
  • Residential


  • Integrated learning
  • Interdisciplinary learning
  • Experiential learning focus
  • Global/international education
  • Gender-based
  • Culturally engaged


  • Holistic education attentive to balancing mind, body and spirit
  • Learning inside and outside of the classroom
  • Engaged, open-minded community experience
  • Highly personal


  • Committed to academic excellence in the pursuit of wisdom
  • Dedicated to intellectual, spiritual and ethical formation
  • Informed by voices and viewpoints of many cultures and worldviews
  • Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition
  • Informed and enlivened by Benedictine tradition
  • Ecumenical
  • Committed to social justice, service and the common good

Brand Personality Attributes

Institutions, like people, have personalities. Our brand personality is a series of words or phrases that we want to own; words and phrases that are implied and inspired by our brand promise and describe the personalities of CSB/SJU and the separate entities of CSB and SJU.

CSB/SJU Brand Personality Attributes


  • Spiritually grounded
  • Approachable
  • Authentic


  • Engaged
  • Relationship focused
  • Community builder


  • Confident
  • Globally aware and responsive
  • Culturally alive


A “shorthand” version of our brand promise that describes our values and the experiences we offer.

CSB/SJU Tagline

Inspired Learning. Inspiring Lives.