Spring 2016, Segovia, Spain

Event Summary

The CSB/SJU students studying abroad in Segovia, Spain in the spring of 2016 attended a play and Flamenco dance excursion funded by the Literary Arts Institute.  These students attended a contemporary play "El Cristo de los Gascones", which was written and directed by Ana Zamora, a nationally recognized playwright, director, and actress. "El Cristo de los Gascones" is based on a traditional story but written from a contemporary point of view. The students met the playwright to talk about the story itself, the writing process of the actual dramatic text and the intrinsic cultual component  and its importance today of this famous piece that takes place only before and during Holy Week at the same Church where the story happened  many years ago.  The student went on a guided visit to the San Justo Church where the play took place and saw the "actual" Christ and discussed with the playwright about the piece and the writing process.

Additionally, since literature includes not only written texts but also oral traditions and expressions, the students learned about how Gypsies "Gitanos" used to leave testimonies of their culture through music and dance since their culture and literature has to do with oral communication and expression.  They then prepared a Flamenco show to perform at IE University in Segovia and had their dance director talk formally about the way this group used oral expression to preserve their culture.