Artists' Books

An image of a collection of student made books.
The Art of the Printed Book: Box Set 2019

What is an artist’s book? Simply put it is a work of art in the form of a book. A blog post from The Smithsonian describes artists’ books in greater depth and explains why they aren’t always easy to identify.

Cultivating a Collection

The CSB/SJU Libraries are cultivating a collection of artists’ books housed at the Clemens Library for use by faculty, staff and students in the classroom. The Welle Book Arts Studio and the Book Arts minor both support, and are supported by, the collection development efforts of the library. Works from students in the minor are added to the libraries’ collection yearly and cataloged alongside other new acquisitions.

A Work in Progress

The collection is currently undergoing work to bring the catalog records inline with our digital image library records. The Artists' Books Collection in our digital image library has records for most of the items held by the libraries, and a search of our catalog identifies more. Most of the artists’ books are currently in cataloging as this work continues but if you’d like to see a particular item please contact us.

Book Arts Between the Lines

How do I access the collection?

The Artists' Books Collection is housed in the special collections area of Clemens Library. Inquiries about the collection may be directed to Bonnie Finn, Fine Arts Librarian.

Many of the items in the collection have been photographed and can be viewed online.


Bonnie Finn

[email protected]