Loan FAQ

Staff helping student with equipment

Where can I find equipment for loan?

All equipment can be loaned from either CSB or SJU. At SJU, all items can be checked out directly from the Media Checkout Desk at Learning Commons 182. At CSB, all equipment can be checked out at the Clemens Library Circulation Desk.

What do I need to check out equipment?

Students, staff and faculty simply need to bring an CSB and SJU ID card with them to checkout and renew equipment.

What hours are you open?

Our equipment is available for loan during designated times of the day. Equipment is available for loan at CSB when the Clemens Library is open. At SJU, equipment is available for loan when the Media Checkout Desk is open. To view the hours at either location, please see our Library Hours

How long can I check out equipment?

As a general rule, the standard loan time for most of our equipment is 1 day. This means that if equipment is loaned out on Monday at 3:00 p.m. then it would be due back Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Some equipment like our External Hard Drives have a longer 28 day loan period. If you need a piece of equipment longer than the designated loan time, then you can either renew the item or contact CSB and SJU Libraries’ Access Services staff directly to see about a loan extension. For more information on loan periods, see our Loan Policies section.

Is there a cost for equipment loans?

Similar to book loans, there is no cost to check out equipment. However, if equipment items are not returned by the due date a late fee will continue to accumulate until returned. If equipment is not returned at all, returned damaged or returned with missing parts, a processing fee of $10.00 and a replacement cost will be charged.

If you notice your loan item is missing equipment or is not working properly, please contact  CSB and SJU Libraries’ Access Services immediately. For more information about loan fines, see our  Loan Policies section.

Can I make a reservation?

Equipment reservations are handled by placing a hold on an equipment item. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where do I return equipment?

At CSB all equipment can be returned to the Clemens Library’s Circulation Desk. At SJU all equipment can be returned to the Media Checkout Desk in Learning Commons 182 or the Alcuin Library Circulation desk. All equipment is cleaned, checked and any data is wiped after return. The equipment must be returned by the loan due date, in good condition and with all parts and accessories supplied with the loan to avoid late fees or replacement fees.

Where can I find technical assistance?

You can notify CSB and SJU Libraries’ Access Services if the loan equipment is not functioning or pieces are missing. Additionally,the Items for Loan has training resources to get patrons started using the equipment.

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