CAMPUS ALERT: Due to the weather, all evening classes at CSB and SJU are canceled. The LINK bus will run on its regular schedule until 5 p.m. and then every hour on the hour for the remainder of the evening, weather permitting. Pre-scheduled campus and community events and college/university sponsored events scheduled at off campus locations may continue at the discretion of the divisional VP.


Kathy Parker
Kathy Parker
Director of Libraries, Media, and Archives
CSB: 320.363.5195
SJU: 320.363.2121

Nicole Anderson
Anderson, Nicole
Serials Subscription Associate
CSB: 320.363.5316
SJU: 320.363.2765
Adam Bauer
Bauer, Adam
Media Services Manager
SJU: 320.363.2118
Jonathan Carlson
Carlson, Jonathan
Science Librarian
SJU: 320.363.2579
Ginny Clendenin
Clendenin, Ginny
Acquisitions Associate
SJU: 320.363.2124
Bev Ehresmann
Ehresmann, Bev
Circulation Associate SJU
SJU: 320.363.2120
Molly Ewing
Ewing, Molly
Humanities Librarian
SJU: 320.363.2127
Sarah Gewirtz
Gewirtz, Sarah
Information Literacy Librarian
CSB: 320.363.5802
Andrew Goltz, OSB
Goltz, Andrew, OSB
Preservation Specialist
SJU: 320.363.2123
Brenda Hommerding
Hommerding, Brenda
SJU: 320.363.2747
Bonnie Kalla
Kalla, Bonnie
Circulation Manager
CSB: 320.363.5159
SJU: 320.363.2120
Tess Kasling
Kasling, Tess
Systems Librarian
SJU: 320.363.3280
Liz Knuth
Knuth, Liz
Archives Associate
SJU: 320.363.2129
Adam Konczewski
Konczewski, Adam
Media Associate
CSB: 320.363.5583
Kelly Kraemer
Kraemer, Kelly
Business Information and Outreach Librarian
SJU: 320.363.2601
Stacy LaVigne
LaVigne, Stacy
Circulation Associate SJU
SJU: 320.363.2120
Janine Lortz
Lortz, Janine
Interlibrary Loan Associate SJU
SJU: 320.363.3822
David Malone
Malone, David
Fine Arts Librarian
SJU: 320.363.5513
Colleen Nelson
Nelson, Colleen
Circulation Associate CSB
CSB: 320.363.5604
Don Neu
Neu, Don
Materials Description Associate
SJU: 320.363.2123
Miranda Novak
Novak, Miranda
Library Technology Support Specialist
CSB: 320.363.5923
Kathy Parker
Parker, Kathy
CSB: 320.363.5195
SJU: 320.363.2121
Jim Parsons
Parsons, Jim
Associate Director
CSB: 320.363.5907
Don Renshaw
Renshaw, Don
Materials Description Associate
SJU: 320.363.2123
Nicole Reuter
Reuter, Nicole
Interlibrary Loan & Circulation CSB
CSB: 320.363.5604
Janice Rod
Rod, Janice
Cataloging/Metadata Librarian
SJU: 320.363.2617
Peggy Roske
Roske, Peggy
Archivist CSB & SJU
CSB: 320.363.5019
SJU: 320.363.2129
Dan Sis
Sis, Dan
Media Technical Manager
SJU: 320.363.3213
Diana Symons
Symons, Diana
Social Sciences Librarian
CSB: 320.363.5296
Rebecca Terhaar
Terhaar, Rebecca
Office Coordinator
SJU: 320.363.2119
Aaron Utke
Utke, Aaron
Media Coordinator
SJU: 320.363.5609
Victoria Weisen
Weisen, Victoria
Quality Control Associate
SJU: 320.363.2123
Ethan Wittrock
Wittrock, Ethan
Multimedia Technician
SJU: 320.363.2236
David Wuolu
Wuolu, David
Collection Development Librarian
SJU: 320.363.2128

Other Pertinent Numbers

BAC Music Library     CSB: 320.363.5684  
Circulation Desks     CSB: 320.363.5611 SJU: 320.363.2122
Fax Clemens/Alcuin     CSB: 320.363.5197 SJU: 320.363.2126
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library     SJU: 320.363.3514
Media Desks     CSB: 320.363.5609 SJU: 320.363.2117
Prep School Library Stephanie Johnson   SJU: 320.363.3332
Reference Desks   CSB: 320.363.5610 SJU: 320.363.2125
Rare Books (Matt Heintzelman, HMML)     SJU: 320.363.2795
College of Saint Benedict Archives Peggy Roske CSB: 320.363.5019  
Saint Benedict's Monastery Archives Mariterese Woida, OSB CSB: 320.363.7034  
Saint John's Abbey Archives David Klingeman, OSB   SJU: 320.363.2699
Saint John's University Archives Peggy Roske   SJU: 320.363.2129