ILL Terms and Definitions

regarding request statuses from "Your borrowing record" in MnPals.

New: ILL request has been received, but hasn’t been through the process of finding a library.
Sent to Supplier: The request has been sent to a potential lending ILL office. That library will review the request and hopefully be able to send the copy/loan. If they can’t, they will forward to another library that the staff has identified as owning it.
Shipped: The request has been shipped to CSB/SJU and the ILL office will contact the patron when it arrives.
Loaned to Patron: The ILL request has arrived at either the CSB or SJU library; the patron has been notified and the item is checked out to them.
Locate failed: The ILL system couldn’t find the item that the patron wants, so Nicole and Janine have to see if MINITEX can get it or if they have to get it from out of state through OCLC.
Cancelled: Nicole and Janine couldn’t find a library that owned it or was willing to lend it. The patron will always receive an email telling them that.
Waiting Renewal Reply: The lending library is reviewing the request and will send a reply within a few days.
Renewal accepted: The renewal request has been accepted and the patron needs to return the item by the new due date. ILLs are usually renewed twice. If the patron will still need it longer, then they need to make another online ILL request for the same title. Janine and Nicole will get the item from a different lending library.
Renewal Rejected: The ILL item has the original due date and needs to be returned by that date. If the patron still needs the title longer, then they need to make another online ILL request for the same title. Janine and Nicole will get the item from a different lending library.
Returned by library: The CSB/SJU ILL office has gotten the ILL material back from our patron and has returned it, both in the computer and the courier or mail.
Closed: The ILL material has been returned to the lending library and they have CLOSED the ILL transaction record. This status will still be in “your borrowing record” in ILL TOTAL REQUESTS for a couple of weeks.

When you see this: (OCLC# 12345678) an OCLC # in parenthesis before the title, the status will say “sent to supplier”; that means that Janine and/or Nicole are filling the ILL request from an OCLC supplier and most likely, it will come from outside the 5-state area.

*Questions or problems can be directed to
*Making more than one request for the same item won’t make it get here any faster.
*Always make the ‘need by date’ one month or more, or the request will stop at Janine and Nicole’s desk, which only delays processing of the request.
*Adding a special note (saying thanks or please rush) to the request will delay the request, because it stops at our desks so we can read the note to better process the request.
*If there is a cost for an ILL item, it will be $5.00. The patron's cost is only to cover shipping and those patrons will be asked if they are willing to pay for it before the request is shipped. The patron needs to reply yes or no by email before the request is processed by CSB/SJU. They have the option of paying cash (at the time of pick up) or charging it to their Banner account. The ILL departments pick up the remaining part of the tab.