Weeding the Collection

The following is our joint library weeding policy for the monograph collections in our libraries.

In order to make room for new acquisitions and to keep our collections current, worn-out and dated materials are removed from the collections of the joint libraries on a regular basis. The following procedures are followed:

  • If subject collections are to be extensively weeded, faculty members from the appropriate departments are recruited to identify obsolete materials. Librarians may also perform this function in their subject areas.
  • A librarian will review the books selected for weeding and will identify the appropriate means of disposal. Some books are put up for sale to members of the academic community, others are sent to MLAC (Minnesota Library Access Center). The library may discard books with no long-term value.
  • Every attempt is made in the weeding process to consider current needs of the CSB/SJU curriculum and to retain works of outstanding historical value, particularly to the individual institutions.
  • In all cases the library staff retains the final responsibility for weeding decisions.
  • In the case of theology materials an exception is made because with this material weeding does not take place on an ongoing basis. When theological materials appear to need weeding, whether for reasons of condition, use, datedness, or whatever, the Collection Development librarian will make the appropriate decision in consultation with a theology faculty member in whose area of expertise the material belongs.