Library Research Bibliography Awards

Previous Winners


Arts and Humanities: Amanda Breu for her Senior Thesis in History, "A Misunderstanding Between Cultures: the causes of the Dakota Conflict of 1862."
Author's statement of research process
Social Sciences: Meghan Deichert, Emily Klehr, Meghan Ellenbecker, Leslie Pesarchick and Kelly Ziegler for their Strategic Management in a Global Context (Mgmt 381) "Industry Analysis: Soft Drinks."
statement of research process
Strategic Group Map - Soft Drink Industry 2004


Arts and Humanities: Annamarie Mittlestadt for her Senior Thesis in History, "Redefining 'Unimpaired:' the evolution of the National Parks mission, 1872-1933."
Author's statement of research process


Humanities and Natural Sciences: Beth Blonigen for her Senior Honors Thesis in History and Nutrition, "A Re-examination of the Slave Diet."
Author's statement of research process


Social Sciences: Laura Hauff for her Senior Honors Thesis in Sociology, "The Effects of Development on the Maasai."
Arts and Humanities: Jennifer Limpert for her essay, "Teresa of Avila," a study of recent research on the saint written for History 389, Historiography and Methods.


Natural Sciences:  Joseph Keenan for his Biology Honors Thesis: Achieving Altitude Acclimation Through Periodic Exposure to Hypoxia. (publication pending)
Social Sciences:  Michael Weaver, Political Science, for his Senior Honors Thesis: Protest, Radicalism and Militancy in Spain's Basque Country: The Basque Nationalist Movement and the Persistent Struggle of ETA.
Extraordinary Achievement in Bibliographic Research: Christine Boulton, for her Psychology Senior Project: Sexism in Publishing: Citation Patterns in Sex Research Journals. (publication pending)