Accessible Course Materials Project

The goal of this project is to support faculty members in their efforts to provide more accessible course handouts. Handouts that include highlighting, notes in the margins, warped edges from scanning and other markings are not accessible to text-to-speech programs used by students with learning disabilities and visual impairments.  Our team will review submissions in an effort to either a) locate a "clean" original document or b) modify the attached scan to improve the quality of the handout. 

The more information you include the easier it will be to find the document you are requesting. We ask that all submissions include a scanned copy of the reading in its current form. Requests will be processed in the order received. We need one month notice in order to fulfill your request. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

A separate submission will be required for every document you wish to be identified and converted. 

A collaborative project from Student Accessibility Services & CSB|SJU Libraries

This will be the address at which we will provide the converted document.

Please consider: students in need of accessible content may require additional time to engage with course material.

Provide a copy of the current inaccessible document if available. This will help aid in our search for an original clean copy. If file size is not supported, please email document to[email address]:
Please complete the following fields with information regarding your document.