Exhibit and Display Policy

The CSB and SJU Libraries regularly display art and artifacts to enrich our environment. Display of artworks, posters, material culture, student works, and other visual resources make an important contribution to providing welcoming and appealing facilities. Such works also extend the Libraries’ instructional, developmental, and outreach programs.

The decision to seek and accept materials for display in the Libraries rests with the Library staff in consultation with members of the Design Committee (at SJU) and Facilities (at CSB and SJU) when appropriate. In cases where subject expertise is needed, librarians will consult with relevant faculty. In establishing a roster of displays, preference is given to exhibits that connect to the CSB and SJU curriculum, programs, mission and history.

Upon selection of items for exhibit, the Libraries will make final decisions regarding placement, length of time for the display, and didactics. Because our educational objectives are continually evolving, no works will be considered for permanent display. Any pieces on exhibit will remain so at the discretion of the Library and its expert partners.

When accepting an item for display, the Library reserves the right to:

Considerations for selection

Style and nature: Works used for display should be appropriate in scale, material, form and content for the library environment. The Libraries do not provide a museum-quality environment for its exhibits. Extremely valuable, fragile or otherwise vulnerable items are not appropriate for our library setting.

Quality and Contents of design: Public art and other displays may have functions in addition to aesthetic enjoyment. Materials will be used to extend the educational mission of the Libraries. The content of exhibits and displays will be congruent with our Benedictine values.

Approved March 1, 2018

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