Model-Worthy Projects

Call for Innovative and Model-Worthy Projects

The planning committee of Liberal Arts Illuminated welcomes participants to share innovative and model-worthy projects that address the central questions at the conference, including projects and programs that:

  • Move away from an exclusionary to an inclusionary economic model;
  • Develop curricula and pedagogies that support learning for all students;
  • Achieve positive student outcomes in a consistent way;
  • Tell the story of the liberal arts in a way that demonstrates its relevance for all students;
  • Disrupt the traditional narrative about liberal arts education to state boldly its value.

Model projects that may be shared include:

  • Literature on upcoming conferences, seminars or symposiums;
  • Briefs on example projects (must be a one-page summary with contact information or links to more information);
  • Articles that highlight model-worthy projects;
  • Social media initiatives.

We encourage participants and teams to share this information by bringing the materials to the designated display table that will available throughout the conference in the conference registration area in the Gorecki Center.