Support for New Faculty

The LES team believes a critical part of our task is helping newcomers get acclimated to teaching at CSB/SJU. Our goal is to be of assistance to both teaching novices, and to those with lots of experience who are changing schools.  To this end, we offer several programs especially for new faculty. All new faculty are welcome, whether they are part-time or full, adjunct or tenure track.

Before classes start in August, LES invites new faculty to an orientation on the teaching environment here. Besides welcoming you to your new home, we'll talk about the nature of our students, their expectations, your new colleagues, and a few other items we hope will help you get off to a great start.

At that initial orientation meeting, new faculty will be introduced to their LES mentors.  These are more experienced faculty who can offer support and advice on everything from teaching to where to find things in the Saint Cloud area.  Our mentoring program is designed to put the "mentee" in control; after the initial meeting, the level of interaction between the new person and his/her mentor is up to the new faculty member.

Shortly after classes begin, LES hosts a picnic gathering for new faculty, their families, and/or significant others. We also invite people who joined the CSB/SJU community the preceding year, so this is a good opportunity to get to know other relatively new faculty and their families. Members of the LES team also attend, along with some senior administrators.

During the Fall semester, all new faculty and their mentors will be invited to series of conversation about adjusting to teaching at CSB/SJU. These are truly conversations, where new faculty can share experiences, ask for advice, and talk about teaching. New faculty often feel too busy to attend, but as one who did put it, "the advice I got not only helped me cope, but saved me hours."

Early in the Spring semester, LES sponsors an off-campus retreat for faculty who are in their first and second year at CSB/SJU. The goal is to learn more about how to be successful at CSB/SJU, eat good food, and make new friends.