The Learning Enhancement Service was created at CSB/SJU in 1990 under the guidance of Dr. Tom Creed, a member of the Psychology Department. Tom, who died in 1999, was adamant that the teacher's role is not merely to deliver information, but rather to employ pedagogical techniques that maximize student learning. As a result, he called the new program the "Learning Enhancement Service."

The LES team carries out its mission of enhancing student learning by providing opportunities for good teachers to become even better at their craft.  We offer a variety of means to this end, but believe one of the best approaches is simply to learn from each other.  For that reason, LES encourages contributions from staff and all faculty, whether they are part-time or full time, novice or veteran. In keeping with the idea the LES is a system of peers helping peers, the program is directed and staffed by active teachers drawn from the faculty.

Use of any LES service is entirely voluntary, spurred solely by the individual's desire to improve his/her teaching. As a result, all conversations with members of the LES team are entirely confidential. We are not part of any evaluative process.