Funding Opportunities

The Learning Enhancement Service has a small fund to support the development of pedagogical skills. LES Pedagogical Development Grants may be used to help faculty attend conferences, meetings, and workshops that focus on pedagogy. Since the central purpose of this fund is to enhance pedagogical skills on our campus, preference will be given to proposals that the LES team sees as having the greatest potential impact.

In order to maximize the on-campus benefit, anyone receiving a grant is expected to share the knowledge gained with a campus audience.  The venues could be an LES Teaching Seminar for a general audience or a workshop designed for a more specific group.

Application Procedure
An applicant should submit a formal written request to the LES Office via email.

Funding proposal must include:

  1. Details on the conference, meeting, or workshop the applicant wishes to attend (a link to the conference web information is adequate).
  2. A statement explaining how the proposed activity will help develop, diversify, or strengthen the applicant's pedagogical skills.
  3. A budget for the activity.  LES will pay for registration, travel, and lodging.
  4. A statement explaining how the applicant expects to share his/her new insights with the campus community.

Applications are accepted continually, and will be acted upon as quickly as possible.  The maximum an individual can receive from this fund in an academic year is $750.