Conversations about Teaching

Teaching Seminars
LES offers approximately a dozen opportunities each year to talk about a specific aspect of teaching. Some are led by members of the LES team, while others draw on the talents of other faculty and staff. Topics range widely, from creating better discussions and commenting on student papers to the implications of recent research on how we learn or maximizing the impact of new technology.

Suggestions for topics are always welcome. If you have an idea you would like to present, or if there is an area you think the LES team should address, please contact Ken Jones.

Most of the Teaching Seminars begin with a brief presentation, followed by a conversation that allows the participants to share their experiences and learn from others

Most Teaching Seminars begin at 4:15pm.  When we are able to offer two sessions on the same topic, the second meeting is generally held at 8:15am.  They usually last for a little over an hour, but you are welcome to attend for however long your schedule allows. Refreshments are served.

Celebrated Teacher Sessions
Each year LES asks the winners of the annual campus teaching awards (the Sister Mary Grell Award at CSB and the Robert Spaeth Award at SJU) to invite other faculty members to attend one of their classes. This provides an opportunity for us to see these award winners in action, and then to ask questions about goals and techniques in the conversations that follow.

Attendance at these sessions is always limited, so we don't disrupt student learning. To reserve a spot, contact the LES Office after the sessions are announced.

Reading Groups
LES periodically sponsors faculty/staff reading groups on books that are particularly germane to our mission. In the past, we have read the work of Parker Palmer, bell hooks, Jane Tompkins, Dee Fink, and others.

Faculty Interest Groups
If you would like to have an opportunity to explore a pedagogical issue with a group of colleagues, LES is ready to help you organize a Faculty Interest Group (FIG). We will provide help with arrangements and a limited subsidy for materials.

In the past, we have had FIG's on topics such as Cooperative Learning, enhancing intercultural awareness, fostering undergraduate research, and teaching spirituality.